I (Member of IKYA) have taken a proper counselling before joining and reviewed the syllabus for the course. I have selected and understand the fees associated with my enrolment, the structure and content that will be taught in this course, as well as the occupational fields related to its area of study. I have reviewed the IKYA return/refund policy associated with this purchase, available on the IKYA website.
I understand that the course is for individual use only. I understand that my course start date is considered to be the same date as my course purchase date, and that I must finish the course within the allotted time for each individual course in which I enrol (individual course timeframe listed on syllabus and on course information page of IKYA website). I understand that if I do not finish the course in the allotted timeframe I will be cancelled from the course unless I take a prior permission from the management. I understand that IKYA recommends certain courses or experience level prior to enrolment as noted in the course syllabus (where applicable) and that adhering to these recommendations may determine my successful completion of the course. I understand that I should be beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance and have a minimum of a high school diploma or general education development (GED) certificate.
To maintain a good standing in the course, all students must adhere to the IKYA Code of Ethics that ensures high levels of professionalism, integrity and ethical behaviour.
IKYA students shall maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct. Students shall respect their coaches, instructors, and IKYA staff.
Students shall use only legal and ethical means in all professional dealings and shall refuse to cooperate with, or condone by silence, the actions of those who engage in fraudulent, deceptive or illegal acts.
Students shall respect and adhere to the laws and regulations of the land.
Students shall pursue excellence through continuing education in all areas applicable to their profession.
Students shall strive to maintain and enhance the dignity, status, competence and standards of coding for professional services.
This code of ethical standards for students of IKYA strives to promote and maintain the highest standard of professional service and conduct among its students. Adherence to these standards assures public confidence in the integrity and service of professionals who are students of IKYA.
Failure to adhere to these ethical standards, as determined by IKYA, may result in the loss of enrolment with IKYA, and may result in cancellation from an IKYA distance learning course. If a student is cancelled from a course, that student may submit a written or verbal appeal to IKYA for re-entry into the course.
After Completion of any course at IKYA or IKYA certification, IKYA does not guarantee job placement. Whereas IKYA gives a placement assistance/support to appear for the interview panels. Students may access job boards to search for employment and post resumes in IKYA member’s area of website.
By purchasing any course, I hereby attest that the information I have submitted to IKYA is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and hereby agree to the terms and conditions of IKYA as stated herein. No other prior agreement or conditions, verbal, written, or implied, will be honoured. I, the undersigned, have read, understand and agree to abide by all the provisions set forth in the foregoing enrolment agreement.

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